Children and the method of piano Rainbow video

Leya playing piano with has method Rainbow

A child of 3 years which uses the Rainbow piano method, and which awakens pleasant music...

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A promising future...

This 5-year-old boy began piano at the age of 3 years and a half with the Rainbow method.
In Paris on June 30, 2013, at the end of the great international piano competition, the child received a very nice reward: the diploma of winner with honorable mention at unanimity!
This child has surprised us for 3 reasons:
(1) it is the big winner in the beginner category, among 15 finalists,
(2) it is the youngest of its category,
(3) he is the only child who learns the piano without a teacher (her mom, who was approximately 2 years of piano in self-taught, is his only teacher). His mother wrote to us:

Thank you for your support and for your Rainbow piano method which was a very good introduction for him. The next academic year, it will be able to learn to play the piano with a teacher at the conservatoire.