Colours, sounds and the immediate pleasure from 4 years!

The author

The Rainbow method has been created by a pianist of high-level (gold medal obtained at the Conservatoire de Paris) and Psycho-sociologist (masters of philosophy/sociology at University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, and graduate diploma of Psycho-sociology at the University of Paris XIII), passionate piano and pedagogy, but also MOM of two children.

Chantal Muller Simmerling method

This method is intended to awaken the musical sensitivity of children by introducing them pleasantly to the study of the piano, and to meet the demands of many parents and piano teachers. It puts the piano within reach of children 4 to 7 years, with a distracting and really suited to small program. Your small pianist will find pleasure and vitality, so motivation and enthusiasm: its progress will surprise you. Rainbow piano expresses its objective: as a ray of sunshine after the rain, the study of piano and solfeggio, far from being sad and austere, becomes fun and attractive. The seven colours of the Rainbow represent the seven notes of music, and allow to perfectly identify the keyboard and scope.

The Rainbow method contains the following music:

In the light of the Moon 1, 2, 3, I go into the woods a little pig, snail re mi, the Partridge dancing Dodo Capucine child do Ah dirai vous-je maman Wolf, Fox and weasel it runs it runs, the Harlequin ferret.

Do you know to plant cabbages?  Scratch me the chip on the bridge of Avignon the claire fontaine was a Shepherdess mother Michel the Emperor, his wife and the little prince a hen on a wall.